Monday, 26 November 2012


At first I had the idea that the animation would show a hand coming into the screen which would drop and a few coins, the 10p coin would roll away so that it would be the focus. However I decided that intro isn't really relative to the animation so I cut it out and I'm going to start the animation with the coin rolling into the frame. Maybe there will be the sound of coins dropping beforehand. I also had so trouble decided which coin I wanted to focus on, it was between the £1 coin with the dragon or the 10p coin with the lion. To solve this problem I listed each coins pros and cons and decided that the 10p coin would prove to have more meaning in terms of the narrative. I was drawn to the dragon at first because I could experiment with it flying and I had the idea that as it was flying the cityscape of London could pass by at the bottom of the frame, however this idea would just be visually pleasing. With the lion I feel the animation would be more of a statement, as the lion is meant to represent the Pride of Britain but I would represent it in a playful manor with the animal letting out a meow rather that a mighty roar.

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