Thursday, 8 November 2012

Change of Object

I've had some trouble choosing an object to base this project around. The wine glass was good for the joint project as the two objects had substance in common. But on its own I'm finding it hard to get ideas, and I dont find it that interesting. I've dabbled on obects such as maps, dolls, lighters and playing cards but I think I'm going to settle on something more simple so that I can expand on it. My final object is going to be coins. I was looking through what I had in my bag and there was a bunch of stray coins, I looked at them closely observing the markings on them, there was a dragon, a robed woman holding some sort of branch and more notably the queens head. I realised I had no idea why these images were chosen or what they symbolised, in fact this was probably the first time I had properly looked at the coins that I nearly always have on me.

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