Monday, 26 November 2012

Joanna Quinn

I found that this animation by Joanna Quinn really related to my idea. The fact that this animation shows the pride of Britain but portrays it in a really playful way and in the form of an animal is very similar to my idea of the lion in the coin coming to life and representing Britain in all its glory but in an ironic sort of way because the lion will just be a playful feline.


I also found this video on youtube of Joanna Quinn working. It was really insightful to see how she animates. Her work is very expressive and you can see how she does it which I found really interesting. With my idea I need to research into the way lions and cats move to make my animation a true portrayal. Although for this project I don't think it's neccessary for it to be 100% accurate in terms of movement just as long as you get the idea and the feeling of the movements.

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