Thursday, 8 November 2012

An Emotional Encounter

In pairs we had to create a short animated clip depicting an encounter between our chosen objects. My object is a wine glass and my partners object is a lava lamp. We brainstormed ideas about how they could interact with eachother, they both hold liquid so we went ahead with that thought process and decided that the animation would have the lava from the lamp poured into the wine glass then end with someone coming along and drinking it. We drew each frame using the lightbox but because we rotated jobs i.e drawing/colouring, the objects gradually changed shape slightly, next time we should stick to the one person drawing and another colouring. This was also my first animation using final cut pro, I used it to clean it up a bit, there was one frame where you could see my hands so i cut the bit out and I also edited the timing. Overall I am pretty pleased with the final outcome despite its flaws, i'm really pleased with the movement of the lava and the way it moves from the lamp to the glass.

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